Welcome to SolarDevs! We’re a dynamic team committed to revolutionizing cloud solutions. With our deep expertise in AWS Cloud services, DevOps, and Security, we ensure your digital infrastructure is not only robust but also cost-efficient and secure.

Our story

Founded by Diego Velez on a passion for technology and the latest cloud revolution, SolarDevs began as a small group of cloud enthusiasts looking to make a big impact.

 Today, we’ve grown into a renowned IT consultancy known for our innovative solutions and a customer-first approach.

 Our journey is one of continuous improvement and dedication to excellence in the fast-evolving tech landscape.

Our mission

Our mission is simple: to empower businesses through top-tier cloud technology solutions. and  responsibility of designing, planning, and executing your AWS operations.

We aim to enhance your operational efficiency, enforce your security, and optimize your costs, all while providing unmatched customer service. 

At SolarDevs, we’re not just your service provider—we’re your partner in cloud innovation.

Our team

Meet the heart of SolarDevs—our team. Comprised of skilled cloud engineers and IT professionals, we bring a rich diversity of experiences and a shared commitment to your success.

Each member is passionate about delivering excellence and innovation, ensuring we not only meet but exceed your expectations.

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