Unused aws security groups

Connect to your AWS account

Generate AWS "Read Only" Keys

1. Log in to aws console

2. Go to IAM

3. Click on Polices

4. Click on Create policy

5. Choose JSON and write this script below and click "Next"

	"Version": "2012-10-17",
	"Statement": [
			"Effect": "Allow",
			"Action": "sts:AssumeRole",
			"Resource": "*"
			"Effect": "Allow",
			"Action": [
			"Resource": "*"

6. Choose a policy name and description

7. Create Policy

8. Then go to Users

9. Create User

10. Choose an User Name

11. Choose Attach Policies Directly

12. Select the policy you created before

13. Create the User

14. Once created search the user

15. Click on "Create Access Key"

16. Confirm the terms and click Next

17. Create the access key

18. Now you can enter our generated Keys to SolarDevs unused Security Groups Checker

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