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DevOps Development Services We Provide

Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery

Implement a continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD) pipeline to improve code quality, speed up time to market, and boost collaboration. A cornerstone of DevOps practices, CI/CD pipelines improve software efficiency and reliability.

We employ a variety of continuous integration, deployment automation, continuous monitoring, and configuration management tools to build an efficient CI/CD pipeline. Tools like Jenkins, Spinnaker, and Ansible help us solidify a pipeline that allows you to deliver software quickly and reliably.

Infrastructure Management

Manage and maintain your software and infrastructure effectively. In DevOps, infrastructure management is key to operational efficiency.

Infrastructure management requires many moving parts. Balancing automation and manual techniques, we optimize, monitor, and configure technology resources and processes. Our toolkit includes Terraform for Nagios for network management, Docker for containerization and orchestration, Prometheus for monitoring and logging, and more.

Infrastructure as Code (IaC)

Practicing IaC means automating traditional IT practices, improving efficiency, consistency, and scalability and reducing human error. Code-based infrastructure involves using high-level, descriptive coding instead of manual setup, configuration, and management of resources and infrastructure.

Using tools like Terraform, Ansible, and Chef we apply IaC practices to cloud environments, microservices, and more.

Automated Testing

Automated testing reduces the chances of human error and allows you to evaluate your software faster. In DevOps, it enables faster feedback, early bug detection, and rapid, reliable software release cycles.

We validate the functionality, security, performance, and other aspects of your application using tools like Selenium, JUnit/TestNG, Jest/Mocha, Cucumber, and more. We conduct a full suite of tests, from unit tests to security tests.

Security Management (DevSecOps)

Manage risks proactively. Enhance security. DevSecOps (development, security, and operations) embeds security throughout the software development lifecycle, making it a shared responsibility.

Following the principles and practices of automated security testing, infrastructure as code security, compliance monitoring, threat modeling, and more, we ensure that DevOps solutions are safeguarded against threats. We integrate these practices early on in development and perform ongoing assessments throughout the SDLC.

Configuration Management

Maintain performance and functionality consistency throughout the software development lifecycle. Configuration management ensures that your processes and operations are repeatable.

We standardize resource configurations, automate manual processes, and confirm the consistency, stability, and security of your apps and entire infrastructure. Tools like Ansible, Puppet, and Chef help us manage configurations.


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Key Things to Know About DevOps


DevOps is a methodology that brings together development and operations teams to streamline software delivery. It emphasizes collaboration, automation, and continuous improvement, resulting in faster releases, reduced errors, and better customer satisfaction.

DevOps enhances development speed and quality by automating processes, facilitating faster feedback loops, and enabling more frequent releases. It leads to better communication between teams and quicker responses to changing market demands.

Businesses of all sizes and industries can benefit from DevOps. Startups can innovate quickly, while established enterprises can optimize processes, reduce downtime, and increase operational efficiency.

Our DevOps consulting follows a structured approach: we assess your current practices, design a tailored strategy, implement necessary tools and processes, provide training, and continuously refine your DevOps journey for sustainable success.

Absolutely. Our DevOps experts guide you through cultural changes, breaking down silos between teams and fostering collaboration. We help establish shared responsibilities, efficient communication, and a mindset focused on continuous improvement.

With our DevOps expertise, you can expect reduced deployment times, higher release frequency, lower failure rates, faster incident resolution, and improved alignment between development and business goals. These outcomes translate into increased customer satisfaction and a competitive edge.

Why Choose SolarDevs for DevOps Development

Hire DevOps

Top 1% of Tech Talent

We hire only the top 1% of tech talent. Our DevOps engineers and other professionals are thoroughly vetted and stay up to date with best practices and trends in the field.

Robust Security Measures

We employ robust security measures, such as data encryption and code analysis and reviews, to ensure your information and software are safe. Our DevOps engineers implement DevSecOps processes, including automated compliance checks, dependency scanning, and automated testing. We also have strict NDAs in place to protect your business.

Custom Solutions

Through DevOps and agile approaches, we develop custom solutions to meet diverse needs. From web apps and mobile apps to sophisticated systems and migrations, we deliver tailored software for businesses across numerous industry sectors.

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